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  • This program has changed the lives for many families that I have worked with. Jessica Sevenack

  • Something that is really needed today! Catherine Kowalick

  • This program really works. It combines the most effective strategies into a brief approach that will get you FAST results! Kerrie Smedley

  • "Dear clinicians, parents and caregivers--if there is a child in your life with ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), I highly encourage you to visit Dr. Joanne Wilkoff Wilson's site, ww.tantrumcontrol.com, and learn about her FAST program (Family Attachment Skills Training)...having personally seen the results, I endorse the program without hesitation." John G. Kuna, PsyD and Associates

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Back To School for ADHD Kids

Summertime enables a real mind/ body vacation for your ADHD child. They play outside and move about freely AND they don't have to focus on boring homework tasks. Many kids can go off their meds for the summer.

I Don’t Feel Love for my Child

If you are reading this, your child is hard to love. Your child disrupts everything around you. He/she destroys furniture, doors, even their own toys during a tantrum; robs you of your sleep; tortures the family pet; will not comply at the simplest request, lies, hurts siblings, is never satisfied, cries and whines constantly……etc.

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